Facials for Acne

A face that is prone to acne can also undergo a facial but not in the same way that an acne-free skin can. The following procedures will be conducted during the facial:

  • Cleansing and analysis of the skin: The first step in carrying out the facial will be to wipe off all excess oil and the dirt using a cotton pad. He will then use a magnifying glass to see the extent of the acne, check whether there are any sunburns or any sign of dehydration.
  • Exfoliation: this involves the removal of the upper layer of the skin by use of either a mechanical exfoliant or chemical exfoliants.
  • Extraction: this process involves physically unclogging the clogged pores. The facial therapist will use an extractor on the acne lesions so ensure that the pus, bacteria and the blood that is trapped in the acne is removed.

It is important that a facial for acne be carried out by a professional due to the sensitive procedure that is carried out when extracting the acne.  If you choose to have the process done at a cheap spa, you may end up damaging your pores.

Below are precautions that should be observed when carrying out acne facial:

  • It should not be carried out on a person with moderate to severe acne: If a facial treatment is carried out on a face that has very many pimples or on a face that has inflammatory acne, the condition will get worse.
  • You need more than one session to clear the acne: The clearing of acne from the face is a continuous process that should be repeated after every six weeks or four weeks depending on the severity of the acne. The cost will be high and the process will also take time but the outcome, if it will be carried out by a professional, is worth every cent spent.
  • Not every chemical that is used in an ordinary facial can be used when carrying out acne facial. Some of the chemicals that are used in the other types of facials are too strong and if used on a face that has acne, it will lead to severe irritation.
  • If the extraction is carried out by a person who is not a professional, the face may end up getting scarred or develop severe inflammations. The acne breakout might get worse if you choose to have the process done by a person who is not a professional.

If you intend to undergo an acne facial, you should ensure that the spa in which the acne facial will be carried out has a good reputation from clients who have had acne facial before. If most of the reviews are positive, you can go ahead and book your appointment at the spa.

A professional facial therapist should be able to know when it is safe to carry out a facial or the best option will be to have the acne checked by a dermatologist before the facial is carried out. Always remember that for moderate to severe acne, a facial will do more harm than good.