Facials for Acne

A face that is prone to acne can also undergo a facial but not in the same way that an acne-free skin can. The following procedures will be conducted during the facial:

  • Cleansing and analysis of the skin: The first step in carrying out the facial will be to wipe off all excess oil and the dirt using a cotton pad. He will then use a magnifying glass to see the extent of the acne, check whether there are any sunburns or any sign of dehydration.
  • Exfoliation: this involves the removal of the upper layer of the skin by use of either a mechanical exfoliant or chemical exfoliants.
  • Extraction: this process involves physically unclogging the clogged pores. The facial therapist will use an extractor on the acne lesions so ensure that the pus, bacteria and the blood that is trapped in the acne is removed.

It is important that a facial for acne be carried out by a professional due to the sensitive procedure that is carried out when extracting the acne.  If you choose to have the process done at a cheap spa, you may end up damaging your pores.

Below are precautions that should be observed when carrying out acne facial:

  • It should not be carried out on a person with moderate to severe acne: If a facial treatment is carried out on a face that has very many pimples or on a face that has inflammatory acne, the condition will get worse.
  • You need more than one session to clear the acne: The clearing of acne from the face is a continuous process that should be repeated after every six weeks or four weeks depending on the severity of the acne. The cost will be high and the process will also take time but the outcome, if it will be carried out by a professional, is worth every cent spent.
  • Not every chemical that is used in an ordinary facial can be used when carrying out acne facial. Some of the chemicals that are used in the other types of facials are too strong and if used on a face that has acne, it will lead to severe irritation.
  • If the extraction is carried out by a person who is not a professional, the face may end up getting scarred or develop severe inflammations. The acne breakout might get worse if you choose to have the process done by a person who is not a professional.

If you intend to undergo an acne facial, you should ensure that the spa in which the acne facial will be carried out has a good reputation from clients who have had acne facial before. If most of the reviews are positive, you can go ahead and book your appointment at the spa.

A professional facial therapist should be able to know when it is safe to carry out a facial or the best option will be to have the acne checked by a dermatologist before the facial is carried out. Always remember that for moderate to severe acne, a facial will do more harm than good.

How to Retain a Massage client

Having a massage client walk into your spa for a massage is an easy task especially if your spa is strategically located and has an appealing appearance to anyone passing by. The problems come when a client walks into your spa, asks for a massage service and after the first session, the clients disappear, never to show up again.

Below is a guide on the best way to ensure that you retain every client that walks into your spa for a massage:

  • Offer customized massages: Whenever a client comes to your spa for a massage, do not just aspire to give a ‘good’ massage. Instead, offer a customized massage that will fulfill the purpose that made the client come in for a massage in the first place. Know the pressure that the client wants during the massage, the parts they wish to be massaged and find out if he prefers to talk during the massage or get immersed into the massage in total silence.
  • Optimize your spa environment: Make your spa in such a way that every client who walks into the spa will feel the ‘wow’ factor.

Play soft music in the background; you can ask your client what his preferred music genre is.

Provide sweet smelling candles and essential oils in the massage room.

Ensure that the sheets are fresh and also provide a soft pillow to make the client have a royal treat.

You can also provide some refreshments like a wine, flavored water, or fresh fruit juice. That client will definitely come back after such a treat.

  • Get your customer service team in order: A great massage therapist can be let down by a customer service representative who is not accommodative and one who treats customers as though they made a mistake coming in the first place.

Ensure that every call is answered fast and politely.

Make the client feel welcome immediately they come into the spa. You can provide a bottle of water as the customer waits to be attended.

Appreciate every customer on his way out and ensure you use their name. This will make them feel appreciated and they will definitely come back for more.

  • Get personal without being intrusive: You should ensure that you build a strong relationship with your client by showing interest in what matters to them. Get to know what they do, their favorite sport, their kids, and even their birthdays. Ensure that you do not go beyond the limit that the client wants to talk about so that you do not appear too intrusive.

Always remember that you are in a competition and those that are in the massage business will do anything to have your clients. If you do not do anything to maintain them, another person is working very hard to take them from you.

You can also offer discounts on any customer that books his next appointment immediately after getting his first massage. Another way you can ensure that the client comes back is giving additional packages together with the massage. For instance, you can provide a free facial for every return client and keep making the deal attractive after every visit. Give your clients a reason to look forward to having their next massage at your spa.

Eyelash Extension on a Pregnant Woman

If you work in an eyelash extension spa, you may at one time have a pregnant woman coming to you for a lash extension service. The main question you ask yourself is, ‘is it safe?

A pregnant woman who wishes to have lash extensions should wait until the end of the first trimester before she can think of having lash extensions. This is because the risk of having a miscarriage is higher during the first stages of the pregnancy and you would not want to take risks especially when another life is involved.

Every eyelash extension spa should have an insurance which will help them cover compensation in case anything goes wrong when applying the lashes. If your insurance does not cover pregnant women, you should avoid carrying out the lash extension treatment on them until they have delivered.

An expectant woman should talk to her doctor before she has the lashes so that she can be advised from a professional point of view. There are some who have a history of miscarriage and there are also those whose pregnancy is full of complications from conception to the last day they will deliver. Such people should not get a lash extension as it would be risky.

As the pregnancy is advancing towards the third trimester, a woman may not be able to lie on her back and it would be difficult to work her. She will get tired in any position after only a short while and may not endure the two hours that a lash extension treatment will take. If this is the case, it would be wise to shelf the lash application until after delivery when she will be able to endure the two-hour duration that she will be lying down.

An aesthetician who is working on a pregnant woman must be very swift so that she will complete the process in the short time she can endure. As a result, a person who is just starting off with lash extension application might not be the best person to work on a pregnant woman.

It will also be important to note that a pregnant woman cannot lie on her back for long due to the risks involved. An aesthetician should look for alternative ways to make her as comfortable as possible. This can be done by use of pillows that will be placed on her back to ensure that she is not completely lying on her back.

The aesthetician who is working on a pregnant woman should also be very patient since she will be taking a lot of breaks between the applications. This, however, varies with individuals as there are some who will lie on their side while tilting their head upwards and will comfortably remain in that position until the lash application is over.

Another great option that an aesthetician can consider when working on a pregnant woman is working on her as she sits on a massage chair. Some massage chairs are made in such a way that you will be able to tilt the head upwards without making the pregnant woman uncomfortable. Whatever will work best for a client is what should be adopted as the condition is not permanent.